Finals Week Playlist 8

The term is almost over for me.   This is always bittersweet… I look will miss my students (yes, even you  ____ ), but I also look forward to getting a break from things as well.    This term I don’t have as much grading to keep up with, but I do still need a playlist of slightly snarky songs.

It helps to keep me sane.   Or my facsimile of sane, anyway.

So without further ado, here is my finals week playlist.    It is also available here on YouTube, along with last quarter’s picks.


Wish me luck.   Finals are coming.

Finals Week Playlist 7

Well, finals week is has come and gone.   Which brings me to ways to survive the storm of grading, calculation, and end of term crises.   Of course, I like to have a good disaster movie on hand to help alleviate the tension… so this quarter I am choosing a HORRIBLE disaster movie to grade by:  Sharknado.   Just suspend the laws of physics, the laws of biology, and sit back and laugh.

And of course, there is the music.   I have decided to go with 10 brand new songs to grade to this quarter.

  •  “Going out in style” by the Dropkick Murphys (because of St. Patty’s day)
  • “Bad List” – Ayira
  • “Fresh Blood”  – Eels
  • “Stand the Pain” – And One
  • “Let’s Kill Tonight” – Panic! at the Disco
  • “Pandemonium” – Hocico
  • “Something I Left Behind” – Imperative Reaction
  • “Make the Little Flowers Grow” – Snog
  • “Nun Fight” Paul and Storm
  • “You’re on Fire” – They Might Be Giants


And now:   Spring Break!   Woohoo!    A week of unpaid lesson planning, and figuring out how I can survive on less income!

So go be evil.   I’m planning on it myself.

Finals Week Playlist 6

I have been having … issues… in my life.    I may decide later to share the details of my difficult weeks later, but blogging had to take a backseat for a while.   In any case, I’m back.

And now, I am looking at finals.   So with finals, comes the fun process of grading and fielding desperate emails from students begging me to let them pass.    So with that… Here is the new additions to my music that will keep me sane while I deal with end-of-term woes.


At this point, I will say that the full playlist is beautiful.

More soon.    Soooooon…

Finals Week Playlist 5

Well, another finals week has come and gone.   I’m looking forward to several weeks of freedom.   I’ll have some time to catch up on my reading,  schedule things with friends who I miss during the quarter, do some creative stuff, and probably watch too much Netflix and play too many video games.

So, while my finals week has passed, I still feel I should continue my fine tradition of posting some new finals week songs to terrify students by.   Remember, this is what I grade to.

What can I say… I think I’m in the Summer spirit.

Finals Week Playlist 4

Well, another quarter is almost done.   Which begs the question:   what am I going to listen to as I traipse through grading hell.     My students are always so impatient, I sometimes need to remind them that while have to go through the final once, I have to go through it 35 times per class.    If I grade fast, then I will have  about 3 hours of continuous grading  for one class (35 students, 8 pages per final, and 30-45 seconds per page… well, lets say that 3 hours is being generous).

So, here are my new tracks for my forthcoming grading marathon.   I have my next finals week playlist!


So… yeah.   I seem to be leaning more to madness than murder and dismemberment in this time.   I wonder if that portends anything for my classes?   I don’t seem to be mellowing very much…   Ah well…. summer is coming…