I am Human

I’m taking the high road, but it isn’t easy.

To start with, I’m frightened, I’m angry, and I’m unhappy.   The United States just elected Donald Trump as president.  More than ever, I feel that America is on the wrong side of history.   We elected a fear-mongering demagogue who has promised to take away the right to marry for gays, has promised to block entrance for all Muslims, and had said that he will build a wall.  He even promised to take away our health care.  He is trying to take away all the hard-won progress that we have made over my lifetime.


I fear that we are taking the next steps to an authoritarian state.  And if/when this new state asks me, I will call myself Muslim, or atheist, or Latino, or gay… If you come after any of us, you will find me standing with you.   My hands may shake, but I’m with you.

I will admit, I’m scared as hell.   “American” is not a label I wear with pride today, but I am HUMAN.   I will stand with reason, decency, and human rights.

I will fight for LGBTQ rights.

I will fight for religious freedom.

I will fight for women.

I will fight for humans to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of national origin.

I will tear down your wall as fast as you can build it. 

I will build up the minds and hearts of students so they can fight this fight themselves.

Donald Trump does not stand for me.   I STAND FOR ME.  I will continue trying to be a voice for dignity when the rest of the country seems to have lost its mind.  Not for me, America the ugly/racist/misogynistic.   I will stand with blacks, Latinos, women, gays, Muslims, atheists, and all those people that Americans have voted against tonight.

Just because America has lost it’s mind, doesn’t mean that I have lost my heart.