Extraordinary People

Like a lot of realists, I get called a cynic a lot.  I see the darker side of human nature, and while I have a good sense of humor, many folks think my sense of humor can be pretty grim.

So I decided to post today about my extraordinary people.   Students, teachers, mentors, and friends.    I have too many to list comfortably in a single post, so I’ll need to come back to this topic.   Today, I would like to focus on extraordinary students.

  • J___ was a single father who I taught several years back.   He had previously had some run-ins with the law but was trying to put his life together again.   During the time I taught him,  he worked hard and kept up with his school work.   There were times he had to leave class early to care for his young son, and he was incredibly apologetic for this.   He also lost his home midway through the term.   He arranged for more time on the shelter computer to finish his schoolwork, and completed the course.    He was very dedicated to completing his schooling so he could be a better person and father.
  • S___ was a woman who was brilliant and bullied because she was pretty.   Easily one of the most intelligent students I’ve had the pleasure of helping, many of her classmates mistreated her.   To my knowledge, she never said an unkind word about anyone.
  • Another student, J___ was a single mom and was fairly math-phobic.   She worked over 100 extra credit hours in a single quarter, aced every single exam and homework assignment, and continued to do this for the rest of her college career.  As I understand it, she is currently pursuing a degree in math.

In addition to which, there are the hundreds of students who were working for degrees after hours, making better lives for themselves and their families.   Some only needed my class to finish their degree, many moved on to bigger and brighter things.

To all of my amazing and wonderful students:   I am proud of you.   You make my job worthwhile.