Encouraging Words

Teaching is so much more than being a subject matter expert.  

This isn’t the first time I have said this, and I’m sure that it won’t be the last.  Teachers are part entertainers, counselors, dictators, researchers, event coordinators, and cat-herders.  There is always more for that a teacher can improve to help out their students, and there are almost no limits to what we’ll do for our classes.  I have spent time, money, and raw emotion and brain power trying to make my classrooms a safe and fun place in which my students can learn. 

I do all of this for an embarrassingly small salary.  I actually had someone ask me what I did for a “real” job.   I was polite enough not to stab him in the dick.  (The truly awful thing: he had been a school administrator)

All of this means that there needs to be more recognition given to teachers.  During the last few months around the nation teachers have gone on strike to get some fair pay and working conditions.  And we have made some progress, but the vitriol that has been directed at teachers has also been epic.

As a teacher, I recognize how much my words can impact the lives of my students. I work hard on being kind and encouraging, because in no way does impatience or frustration help. I have had student’s weep with gratitude when they realize that they have someone who won’t give up on them as they struggle with the class material.

So, why is it so hard for people to thank teachers?  To elect school boards and congress people to pay teachers?  To get school boards who don’t try to force teachers to teach from a broken ideologues point of view (I’m looking at you, Texas)? To support teachers or students financially (I’m looking at you, Ms. DeVos)?

Morally bankrupt billionaire

I’ll wait here for your response to these questions.  This homeland homework will not be graded on a curve, you don’t get points just for trying, we want to see real results.

Please submit your final answers at the ballot box.

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