Burn it Down

Some days in teaching are beautiful transcendent days where students and teacher are in an almost mythical harmony, exchanging ideas and bringing goals ever closer to fruition.  Days where progress is palpable.

This is not one of those days. Today, I feel stabby.

This is a day when multiple students misunderstand that Summer classes do not mean optional classes. Or that a short quarter does not mean less work. Or that scheduled meetings with your instructor should be honored. Or maybe just saying that they will do their homework isn’t the same as turning it in on time.

Today is a day where I have to either listen to death metal or turn on a slasher movie to keep from grinding my teeth while I grade.

Today I get to unleash new levels of academic invective at poorly executed problems. The red ink will flow, and I will direct the flood.

Today I lower my expectations, because I don’t want to be disappointed later by student entitlement coupled with laziness.

Today, I want to watch the world burn.

Tomorrow, I will remind myself that however flawed they are, the students want to better themselves. And I will remember that as frustrating as a few of them are, they are not the majority.

Love hurts y’all.

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