Being a teacher is more than just a job.   Teaching will take every erg of energy you throw at it… and no matter what, there will always be more that you can do.

But teachers are human too.   No matter how we try to be super-teachers, we have lives that sometimes get … complicated.   This may seem like a lead up to an apology for posting sporadically over the last month.   If that is what you thought, then you are right.  I have been overwhelmed and I haven’t kept up on posting.  Sorry.

Among other things, my apartment flooded. After a very damp and squishy night keeping the waters at bay, I had the usual complement of students to care for, classes to teach, and stacks of grading to do.  Self care took a back seat for a while, which was a mistake.

The world never stops, no matter how much we need a break.

After things calmed down, I had planned to write about the attacks from ISIS on Paris … but my friends asked me to wait, to post something fun, but my brain was blank.   I know it is illogical, but I wish I hadn’t waited to post in light of the mass shooting in San Bernardino.   Perhaps they were right, it was too depressing.  I don’t like to admit it, but I have limits and I was reaching mine.   My voice isn’t that loud in the world, but I hope it is heard by some folks.

I *will* be posting on those touchy subjects in the weeks to come.   I’m even happy to give you a preview of the content:   Resist.   Talk to the Muslims in your life, and let them know that they have your support.   Bad people can do horrible things in the name of what you believe in. That doesn’t mean that they represent you or your beliefs, even if they do share a name.   Don’t play to the narrative that Daesh has set up.   And do not give up your freedoms.   It isn’t for love of Mohammed, or Allah, or anything – giving up your freedom is losing.  Living well is the best revenge.   So keep talking, keep exchanging ideas, and pity the fools who think they know the mind of god.  Good ideas can stand up to questions.   Bad ideas cannot be supported, and only violence can carry them forward.

… {later} …

Being a teacher is a job that never stops.   I have good students who want to better their lives, and bad students who need to learn life lessons in order to better themselves (before math lessons can be learned).   Students who need help, and family and friends who need me too.   And I need them just as much.

Being a teacher is more than a job. It is a labor of love.   And I won’t ever stop, because as much as my students need me, I need them too.

Next week I will be on to cheerier subjects, like music to grade finals to.

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