What I did last Summer…

During most of the school term a lot of my friends ask me, “when does your Summer break start?”   As a teacher (with a long commute) a great deal of my life gets put on hold while I teach.   Projects, books to read, hanging out with friends, helping friends in need, playing games, housework, exercise….   I know what I need to do for self-care during the term, but I do end up with a backlog of things to do.

Ain't no cure for the Sparta time blues

So here is what I did last Summer, in no particular order:

  • Writing lists of things to do
  • Helped a friend move into her new house *
  • Batman:  Arkham Knight
  • A much anticipated cancer remission celebration **
  • Rescued a friend from a breakdown in the middle of an intersection
  • Binge watching NCIS
  • Help negotiate purchasing a more reliable car ***
  • Putting together my classes for fall.
  • Finally finishing three books on my yard tall “books to read” pile.
  • Walking (for an hour or two) with a crazy friend who decided that walking two and a half marathons was a good idea.
  • Driving my girlfriend to work, while her car was on the fritz.   ****
  • Getting a new teaching gig (!!!!!)
  • Putting together MORE classes for fall.
  • Fighting with unemployment, trying to convince them that “teaching in the fall” still is a conditional offer of employment, and they need to pay me more money.
  • See’s Candies.   Chocolati.  Theo’s Chocolate.
  • Photo shoot of Rory the Racoon at the Center of the Universe
  • Helping pull up scary orange carpet from a nice hardwood floor.
  • Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets!
  • Writing lists of things I’ve done, so I can feel like I was productive.

So, it has been a fun and interesting Summer.   I would have liked a few more “do nothing” days, but I have managed to stay busy enough to not go completely stir crazy.    The jury is still out on “crazy.”

As for now, I get ready to go back to teaching.   I’ll miss you, free time!


* Honestly, this is the third person I’ve helped move this year.   Enough is enough, already!

**  Wow, I was seriously holding my breath on this one!

*** It is more reliable, but the old car was much-loved.   It’s loss will be missed.

****  The car wasn’t universally loved.   But it did give me an excuse to hang out with my girlfriend (moderately incessantly) this Summer.

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