Spring Break, Adjunct Style!

Spring break is so close, and yet so far.

We’re in the last few weeks of Winter quarter.   We have a few brief weeks of respite before Spring quarter begins.

Spring break means party time!  And by party time, I mean unpaid overtime, preparing a schedule and lessons for an entire quarter, fielding frantic emails from students trying to negotiate on their grade from the previous quarter (and equally frantic students who want to take your class but didn’t register in time), as well as meetings, seminars, and other springtime fun activities.   If you’re very lucky, this time can also involve having lunch with some friends on a weekday, where you’ll hear how lucky you are to have an academic schedule with so much time off.

Who am I kidding?  I know I’ll find at least two days to binge watch Netflix and play Rocksmith.  I may even get through one of my creative projects.

Although it isn’t as much of a vacation for the teachers as it is for the students, I am looking forward to it.   There is a point in the quarter where students and teachers are under strain, final exams are looming, and a change of pace is very inviting.

Teaching is a high energy job, and breaks are necessary.


Coming next week:   Finals week playlist!

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