Finals Week Playlist 10

Okay, the time has come once again for final exams.   I will also admit, that grading has kicked my ass this quarter.   I have been swamped with student papers.   There are times that I can detach myself from the student’s work, and just grade… but sometimes it is difficult.   Sometimes I take it personally.

There are times I want to stab offending questions with my red pen, hoping that that error never occurs again.   And yet it appears over and over, like some monstrous mockery of mathematics, preying on another victim.

I’ll keep up the good fight.     I don’t want to speculate on why aggressive music and horror movies are my medium of choice to listen to while grading.   Perhaps it is because it suits the whole bloody business.   Or maybe it’s just what suits my personality.

Here is another finals week playlist.

  • Combichrist – Throat full of glass
  • Saliva – Click Click Boom
  • Godsmack – Voodoo
  • Johnny Cash – Hurt
  • Skinny Puppy – Pro-Test
  • Emilie Autumn – One Foot in Front of the other
  • Seether – Fake it
  • Saliva – Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Death*Star – The Quick and the Dead
  • Paint – Cups (Extreme edition)


As for folks who follow my blog – thank you for your patience.   I know I’ve been squirrelly this quarter.

But I’ll be coming out swinging in Winter quarter.


4 thoughts on “Finals Week Playlist 10

  1. Vanessa B says:

    Hopefully between the classes you teach no one had a legitimate mental breakdown. I hope the majority of students passed, and the ones who didn’t can’t say they didn’t have an entertaining teacher. Looking forward to your winter quarter blogging!

    Vanessa. 🙂

    • Colin "The Founder" says:

      So far as I know, no one had a total breakdown. None were killed during finals, although there were some injuries.

      I did get the end of quarter emails saying: “could I pass, please?” I had to reply that the only way I could revise their grades was down.

      In the end, you get what you earn! Fun quarter though.

      • Austin says:

        “I had to reply that the only way I could revise their grades was down.”

        Good will can only compensate for so much in an academic setting before you put other students in a situation that isn’t advantageous. Why do some people believe that they’re allowed to skirt the rules and standards that others are held to? I haven’t been exposed to many situations in life where you’re given a gimme for little to no effort.

        • Colin "The Founder" says:

          Part of being a teacher is evaluating whether a student has learned the skills they were supposed to learn. One basic question I ask myself is “will this student have what they need to pass the next class?” I spend a lot of time trying to build that into my grading system. I wouldn’t be doing them, their next instructor, or their future employers and favors if I passed student’s who didn’t learn the material.

          I find it strange to have someone tell me that they need to pass, while they didn’t put in the work to pass. There is a fundamental disconnect that some folks just don’t understand: they are responsible. I present the material, and provide feedback. The rest is up to them.

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