Bring on the pom-poms

Being a teacher means encouraging your students.  They need encouragement to get over the tough process of making mistakes.   Sometimes you need to remind yourself that this is the process of learning.

Doubt will kill their dreams more than incompetence will.

Of course, it also is difficult to encourage students when they are in the midst of making mistakes…  I mean they can really try your patience at times.  I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say:   patience isn’t just a virtue, it is an utter necessity.   People tend to rise (or fall) to the level of expectations, so if you give up on them then they are that much more likely to give up on themselves.  Slap on that smile and cheer them on, because if they give up now then the next time it may be worse.

Occasionally, it is nice if they cheer for you too… but that happens later, after they forget making mistakes.   Hopefully.

For now, bring on the pom-poms.   Break out the cheerleader outfit.   Keep them going.

The show must go on.


Remember:   they will say worse things to themselves than you can say to them.

(Now I need to watch some horror to cheer me up.   I can only take so much “positive attitude” happy-clappy crap before I want to watch the world burn.)

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