Whenever my students complain about the amount of work that I assign them, I remind them that while they have to do them once, I get to do them 35 times.    At which point they laugh and get to feel nominally better about the whole proposition.

So let me back up a bit.    Most quarters I get to use some online homework, but it looks like my (free) system deactivated my account after the site was hacked.   So I’m back to all paper homework for the quarter.   I scheduled myself some time to deal with it… and I’m still a little swamped.

I did a marathon grading session today.  I also watched a horror movie marathon at the same time.     I’m not sure whether the screen or student papers had more red on them.    I know for certain that I was more distressed by my quizzes than I was by zombies.

Mmmmm…. Headshots are pretty.

Soothing, soothing violence.


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