“Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” Ralph Waldo Emerson

How often have you wanted to learn something, and just didn’t know how to proceed?   Or desire to get fit, but no real plan to do so.   I’ve heard people say they want to “learn naturally” and not want to have any barriers to their education.   And then they may complain as to not having appropriate material to suit their incredibly vague needs.

One of the barriers that a lot of students face is the necessity of structure.   From setting aside set times to meet and study, to a (hopefully organized) calendar of topics to cover.   Sprinkle in to that regular practice and some benchmarks and you can actually make progress towards learning something!

It goes way beyond classrooms though.   What do you do without a plan?   How well does that work out?   Even if you don’t stick to your plans, at least they give you a jumping off point. Once you have a pattern that you can learn from, you can then adapt it for other things!

Let me be absolutely clear: there is a world of difference between the regimented world that Emerson talked about, and the necessary structure of our daily lives.   Structure isn’t a straightjacket holding you back, but climbing harness… not comfortable but necessary.

(wow… I suck at analogy…)

I understand that freeform classrooms can be interesting.   I can see how a lot of emergent things can be created in a classroom, and some very interesting creative projects can happen as well. (But also notice: there is still an underlying classroom structure!   Muahahahaha!)

So with all due respect to Emerson, bite me.   Even creative people keep a schedule, and even consistent people can be misunderstood.

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