Evil League of Jazz Hands

Suddenly, there were jazz hands.

“There is nothing scarier in the world than jazz hands.”

(Michaela H.)

Jazz hands may seem campy, but it takes a special kind of crazy  to pull off jazz hands.    Part of you just doesn’t care what other people think.    But it is a dramatic, even a somewhat aggressive gesture.   Palms out and oscillating, with fingers rigid and wriggling like a sorcerer casting a spell.

Jazz Hands!

Jazz hands combine those qualities of exuberance and showmanship.     They show celebration, even triumph.   It is also the ASL version of applause.    All it takes is adding a maniacal grin, an evil laugh, or just a  little too much eye contact and it is a gesture of incalculable menace.

If you turn them around, jazz hands turn into “fan hands”.   Like a villain and his victim, opposites in expression.   Fan hands can’t help looking helpless and foolish, as their hand flaps.

Have you ever watched an evil genius steeple their fingers?

Do you notice how we will sometimes undulate our fingers?

This is the evil genius version of jazz hands.    Silently, we are applauding our own evil schemes for world domination.

Soon, the world will be mine.

Soon… but for now,  jazz hands!

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