(*poke*) “You should post something”

Ever have those feelings that you want something, but just don’ t know what?   Like a day-long version of the refrigerator ritual.    (*Open fridge*  *peer into the fridge*   “Huh”.    *close fridge*    *feel disappointed*  … and repeat.)     Only doing that with everything.

Some days coming up with tongue-in-cheek blog posts about the life of a teacher… just doesn’t quite flow.

So… I’m here.   I’ve put off my grading for the evening.   I’m opening up my blog and… *peer*   … huh.

It may also be that I’m surrounded by people doing distracting things, including a baby, a pretty woman with a guitar, a stack of games almost as tall as our heads, as well as painfully cute baristas selling chocolaty things.   *close blog*   *feel disappointed*  *open blog*

So… I’m here.   What the heck am I supposed to blog about?


Writing is hard work some days.   I think I’m just going to give up and have some chocolate.


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