Finals Week Playlist 7

Well, finals week is has come and gone.   Which brings me to ways to survive the storm of grading, calculation, and end of term crises.   Of course, I like to have a good disaster movie on hand to help alleviate the tension… so this quarter I am choosing a HORRIBLE disaster movie to grade by:  Sharknado.   Just suspend the laws of physics, the laws of biology, and sit back and laugh.

And of course, there is the music.   I have decided to go with 10 brand new songs to grade to this quarter.

  •  “Going out in style” by the Dropkick Murphys (because of St. Patty’s day)
  • “Bad List” – Ayira
  • “Fresh Blood”  – Eels
  • “Stand the Pain” – And One
  • “Let’s Kill Tonight” – Panic! at the Disco
  • “Pandemonium” – Hocico
  • “Something I Left Behind” – Imperative Reaction
  • “Make the Little Flowers Grow” – Snog
  • “Nun Fight” Paul and Storm
  • “You’re on Fire” – They Might Be Giants


And now:   Spring Break!   Woohoo!    A week of unpaid lesson planning, and figuring out how I can survive on less income!

So go be evil.   I’m planning on it myself.

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