Self care: emergency chocolate

You know, I had a nice erudite post planned about how “you are what you eat” and the impacts of food on consciousness and learning. And now… I don’t have the brain power.

So in lieu of being intelligent and helpful, I’m just going to write this week about self-care. And chocolate.

(not so subtle subtext: chocolate is good)

I harp on self care a lot. Being a teacher often entails being many things all at once: entertainer, mentor, subject matter expert, counselor, disciplinarian, and Jedi Master. And frequently we don’t get to turn it off: step into a classroom and you will be expected to answer questions, remember your student’s names and the subtleties of their lives, and do it with a smile on your face. Teaching is a labor of love. And when you run into students on campus, off campus, or when you are checking your email on a Saturday morning… the expectations stay the same. “All on, no off” can get to be a habit.

So, sometimes it is hard to remember to be human too.

My weekly “humanity” rituals involve running, writing tongue-in-cheek blogs, and enough chocolate to kill a rhino (or alternatively enough chocolate to supply a teacher’s lounge for 45 minutes). And maybe playing a video game and wistfully contemplating sleep.

So tonight… I’m going to sit back and sip an amazing mixture of lavender and hot chocolate, and enjoy the company of good friends. I will be rejoining the intelligensia on Monday.

Until then: chocolate!

P.S. If “you are what you eat” this week, then I’m bittersweet, dark, a little nutty, and rich.

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