Math and cruci*** Message Redacted ***

I don’t like the act of self censorship, but I do want to keep my job.   So, I’m not posting this week comparing math to crucifixion.   Considering that particular post practically wrote itself, it was quite a personal sacrifice.   I’ll leave it to your imagination to what I *might* have posted today instead.   So… today I’m dedicating to stupid things that get said.   Some of these are just students, some are just from life.


Classic Excuses:    “So why haven’t you been to class for the last 6 weeks?”   “My car broke down.”

“So why did you miss the test on Friday?”  (Cheerfully)  “My boyfriend was in a coma.”

Grades:  “Should I worry about these zeros for my hours?”  (Note received two days before the final)

Misunderstanding failure:   “I’m sorry, you have failed the class.”    “So can I go on to the next class?”

AHA! moments:   “So when it says to multiply… I’m supposed to multiply?”

Always stupid:   “So did we do anything important in class yesterday?”

On the deck of a boat:   “What is the elevation here?”

To the credit department of a bank:   “I can’t pay you, I got a credit card because I don’t have any money.”

 On career choices:   “I just want to own a business… Why do I need math?”

On homework:  “Am I allowed to work on this at home?”

Me, now:   “I did put a lot of work into that other post.   I think I can be done with this now.”


Until next week.   For this week, use your imaginations…. and don’t blow anyone up.


2 thoughts on “Math and cruci*** Message Redacted ***

  1. Timon says:

    …unless they say something stupid.

  2. […] was a previously written and redacted, because it was a bit offensive.  I decided to … resurrect it … because it was apropos […]

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