Halloween Sacrifice

Halloween is my favorite holiday.   It is better than Christmas without family drama!    I get to watch scary movies, dress up in random costumes, and eat chocolate.    And then I hang out with funky people wearing funny hats.

So earlier this quarter I took an impromptu survey of my class.    Without any context, students were asked to choose between zombies, pirates, and ninjas.   They didn’t know it, but they were choosing content for the rest of the quarter, and choosing my costume.

I see you.   I know about your homework.

I see you. I know about your homework.

Ninja, relaxing between kills.

Ninja, relaxing between kills.


So my students were amused by me on Halloween.

And then…  I sacrificed something incredibly dear to me.    I shaved off my 10 1/2 inch handlebar moustache, in preparation for Movember.

Impressive wingspan.

Not many men would give up 10 1/2 inches. Of course, most men don’t have that much to give.

Going....Left!Freshly peeled.      Going…. going…. gone.

And yes, the book behind me is titled “How to be a villain.”

Movember:   I sacrificed my moustache for charity.    This month, I’ll be working to raise funds for men’s health.

I admit, I really love the “I support boobies” campaign that breast cancer has come up with.   It is successful, and both promotes both awareness and research of breast cancer.    Sadly, there isn’t an equivalent for men.    1 in 6 men in their lifetime are diagnosed with prostate cancer…. but it is the second most common cancer right behind skin cancer  (pardon the pun).   I just don’t think we are ready for a “I support assholes” campaign.    But here is my alternative:   Cover Your Ass!

And, if you are a man, or you happen to like men, or you like moustaches, please contribute to men’s health.   You can find my Movember team “The Evil League of Moustaches” here.   Click the donate button.   Or JOIN me.   Use your villain’s moustache for something good.

After which, use your powers however they heck you want, because they are YOUR powers.

(Dang, have I got a new tagline?)

Donate:   the more that you give, the faster the moustache will come back.   Trust me, I’m a mathematician.


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