Life is Complicated

Life is hard.   Life is messy.   Life doesn’t color within the lines.   No one is exempt from this…  No one lives in a vacuum.    If you think about it, even the people who live in a bubble have to deal with the (emotional) crap that other folks bring in.    HOW a person deals with the curveballs that life throws is what counts.

Both students and teachers have complicated lives…  teachers complicate student lives, and, oh how students complicate the hell out of teachers lives.   And of course there is also the fine chorus of parents, kids, spouses, ex-spouses, lawyers, boyfriends, girlfriends, crushes, police officers, plumbers, cats, dogs, cars, parking, mental illness, broken bones, and the occasional ferret who also make life interesting.    And then people want to catch up on their television programs.

So why does this matter?

It is easy to interpret our lives inside our own bubble.   I think both students and teachers need reminders of this sometimes.   My student’s lives don’t revolve around my class… and just as importantly my life does not revolve around my students.   Even on final’s week.   It doesn’t matter that life isn’t fair.   It is how a person deals with rough times that determines the quality of their character.

So… play nice.

P.S.  I said I was going to post a finals week playlist, but I think I’m going to hold off until next week.     One thing that I will say is that Combichrist “What the fuck is wrong with you?” is moving back to the top of my playlist.


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