Summertime Blues

One of the benefits of being a teacher is the educational calendar, and the many days off that one receives.

Let me put this another way… One of the downsides of being a teacher is the many days off that one receives.     I face a very careful balancing act over the summer, as I try to plan a few empty weeks with no income.   If I’ve done my work well, then I will have a bit of savings tucked away for the lean times… and over the longer breaks one can also collect unemployment.    So even though summertime is lean, it still is manageable financially.

The problem I face:   I don’t handle idle time well.

Mind you, I enjoy having time to myself…. and a few days of glorious inertia can be nice.  As a general rule though I am happier when I’m engaged in something active, something creative, or in the simple pleasures of deploying minions for world domination.    I need stuff to do, else my idle mind will start to run in circles like some psychotic-crack-hamptser.     And some hobbies can be expensive … (tell me, where did your mind go after that declarative?)

So now I get to engage in class planning for my summer quarter.    Which is fun, but I still wish I got paid to do.

And now, back to playing XBox.

P.S.   I said STUN!!!   That final was set for stun, not kill!

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