Okay.   It took me a few days, but I’m ready for summer quarter.   Bring em on.

Summer classes present some interesting teaching challenges.   The first of the challenges is attitude:   many students somehow get the idea that Summer classes are easier than classes in Fall, Winter, or Spring.    The next challenges (for me) is dealing with a compressed quarter, somehow covering 10 weeks of material in 6 weeks.   For some reason students seem to focus on the “less time” fact rather than the “condensed” fact.


I’ve managed to plan out my classes, and I am feeling a warm glow for an evil job well done.  I’ve structured my class well, and it I’ve got a lot of very fun classes ahead.   I only hope I have dedicated students… if nothing else I will make them sweat.   Even in a nice, air-conditioned class.   Monday, the gauntlet goes down.

In the meantime, here is a picture of a me ready to post…

readabook I will never wear this to class, but I still want to.  One thing I’m missing.  Moustache wax.    I need more wax so I can have a truly villainous moustache for the upcoming quarter.

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