Finals Week Playlist 4

Well, another quarter is almost done.   Which begs the question:   what am I going to listen to as I traipse through grading hell.     My students are always so impatient, I sometimes need to remind them that while have to go through the final once, I have to go through it 35 times per class.    If I grade fast, then I will have  about 3 hours of continuous grading  for one class (35 students, 8 pages per final, and 30-45 seconds per page… well, lets say that 3 hours is being generous).

So, here are my new tracks for my forthcoming grading marathon.   I have my next finals week playlist!


So… yeah.   I seem to be leaning more to madness than murder and dismemberment in this time.   I wonder if that portends anything for my classes?   I don’t seem to be mellowing very much…   Ah well…. summer is coming…




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