Finals week playlist 3

Where on Earth does the time go?   We’re almost done with another quarter, and once again I seek out music to keep me sane-ish through grading my exams.     A few songs I’ve dropped off my playlist, simply because they didn’t fit so well in the mix (like the Imperial March from Star Wars) or for poor quality (“The Quick and the Dead” is an awesome song, but the YouTube version sucks).   And I dropped my Christmas songs.

I will say this has been a good quarter.    My classes have been mostly on task, and have had mostly good attitudes.   And they’ve done their homework.   Mostly.

One thing that I am glad about:   I can fail students.    I suppose it would be more apt to say that I can fail students who deserve it.   I think these are some of the crucial differences between (American) High-school classes and college classes:  a greater degree of freedom, and the freedom to fail.    It is an important learning experience for some students that if they skip classes, they will fail the class.   At least at a college, they can re-take the course.  Bosses are far less forgiving about employees who feel that showing up for work is optional.

Anyway, I have found some wonderful new songs to add to my finals week playlist:


I will update links later this week.   If there are any “must play” songs for grading, post a comment!


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