Ah, a new year and a fresh crop of students.   Every class is unique… offering their own personalities and challenges.

Every new class is a new petri dish to experiment on.

I love my job.     *evil grin*

One of the important lessons that I’ve learned about teaching is that you get to experiment.   Every quarter I like to try something a little bit different.   I don’t change the entire course, obviously.   Sometimes it is something as simple as a powerpoint orientation to the course.   Other times I hide little Easter eggs in my online homework.  I find that students like finding clever things:  it makes them feel more clever.   Memes are contagious…  ever notice how people are more suspicious after watching an episode of “Lie to Me”?

…maybe that’s just me.    Whatever.

Keeping things fresh for a teacher is equally important… otherwise the students pick up on that stale feeling.     I think that is why I change my set of running jokes each quarter.   One of my minor tweaks this quarter is shifting from zombies as a default unit to wombats.   Just because they’re fun to say.

Try it.   Wombat.   WOM-bat.   There is just something inherently silly about the name.   Wombat.

In any case, I’ve got some plans for my current petri dishes.

Teachers:  keep tweaking your classes.   It helps to keep you on your toes.    Students:  muahahahaHAHA*snort*HAHAhaha….

2 thoughts on “Muahahahahaha!

  1. Mausham says:

    Plz cmnt n like.

  2. Colin says:


    Can I buy a vowel?

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