2012 Excuses


As teaching goes, 2012 was an interesting year.    Aside from navigating the usual combination of classes, conferences and meetings, one thing that I like to look at is my collection of student excuses.    So here is a few of the better excuses and conversations that I heard in 2012:

“I want to own my own barbering business.   I don’t know why I need math… I know how long an inch is.”

“Can you raise my grade to a 2.0?   I need it so I can continue on with my nursing program.”

“My car broke down.”  (This was her excuse for a 6 week absence)

“Will I be able to make up my homework?   I was in jail…”

“My husband had another heart attack.”    (Yes, I gave her an extension… but AFTER she brought me the ER diagnosis.)

“I can’t put my phone away… I’m expecting a call.”

“Do I have to take the test?   I don’t know this stuff yet.”

… and of course, the usual collection of “I forgot” and “I thought I could turn it in after the test.”

Thank you students, for a memorable year.  I look forward to what 2013 will bring.



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