More Zombie Mathematics

Aside from my penchant for loving horror, I have one other reason why I like zombies.   Brains.

I could really go for a nice big brain right now… or maybe I just want to chew on someone’s head.

(evil teacher, remember?)

So here are some of my favorite zombie story problems for the Halloween season:

An enterprising salesman, Bob,  decided he was going to open a brain selling business during the zombie apocalypse.   Canadian brains are priced at $4.89/lb and American brains are  priced at $2.89 lb.  Bob wants to offer a daily brain soup mixture with both types of brains.  How much of each type of brain will Bob have to use to make a 80 lb batch that sells for $4.19/lb.


ZombOlympics ™:    The zombie “Chef” runs at 5.6 miles per hour.   The zombie “Brittney” runs 1.45 miles every 15 minutes.   The zombie “Billy” runs 0.57 miles in 6 minutes.   Which zombie would win the gold, the silver and the bronze brain awards?


A hoard of torso zombie dogs are trying to chase cats.   There are a total of 36 heads and 120 legs.    How many dogs and how many cats are there?   (Note:  torso dogs only have front legs)


Z-cells can be harvested from zombies in order to create a zombie vaccine.    You have a strong solution of 85% Z-cells and weak solution of 50% Z-Cells.    How much of each solution will you need to mix to produce 20 mL of a 64% solution?


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