Back to School

Okay, everyone seems to want to cash in on going back to school.     Pick up a newspaper and look at all of the ads.   I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop where they are having a back-to-school special of a Mocha and two truffles for $5.   I can just imagine some 8 year old going to class hyped on back-to-school caffeine and sugar.

That should be reserved for professors.   I just wish I could find the back-to-school special on tattoos.

Back-to-school for professors is obviously different than it is for students.    In the week(s) prior to school the biggest job I have is planning out what lessons will get taught at what point in the term.     I make sure I’ve got at least two weeks of homework ready online.   I also spend a lot of time figuring out what lessons I will need to double up on, and whether I can avoid giving exams before 3-day weekends.     This is of course a purely selfish endeavor, since it cuts down on the number of excuses I will have to endure during the term.    I also like to figure out what I can do do challenge my classes if I have good classes.

I also find myself asking questions like,  should I teach with zombies or ninjas this quarter?    Should I make my students sing if their cell phones go off in class?    What concerts do I want to go to in the quarter, and can I arrange to administer tests on the following days?    Will my meager  salary allow me to get a new tattoo?

So let me know if you find any back-to-school tattoo specials.




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