It’s not easy being evil…

You know, I never sought out to be an evil math teacher.    I’ve worked any number of my jobs in my lifetime…. everything from working in mental health to working as a banker.   But the universe seems to have a perverse sense of humor…

Thankfully, so do I.

I like myself much better as a math teacher than I did as a banker.

My favorite math teachers when I was growing up could broadly be categorized into two groups:   (1) geniuses from another dimension, and (2) scary as hell.    Nice… well, nice is like bland food.   It will keep you going, but who wants a steady diet of it?  Give me weird, bold, challenging… Nice is so incredibly overrated.

I guess that just makes me a math gourmet.   Most people just think I’m strange.

I can live with that.   Hell, anything beats being branded with the bland appellation of “nice”.   Nice is what the victims of horror movies have going for them – not particularly good, not especially smart,  just nice.   As for myself, I root for the villains.    At the very least they have drive… and frequently have power tools.   And creativity.

So,  evil makes people grow.  Perhaps simply out of a sense of self-preservation, but by-Zeus they’ll make an effort!   Success is what people say they want:   Fame, fortune, security… blah blah blah…  So often failure is the rocket-fuel to success.

Cue maniacal laughter.

I never sought out to become an evil math teacher, but I’ll play the hand that I’m dealt.

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